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Brand interpretation

Brand interpretation
The Logo “QANT”was composed of black or silver capital letter Q.,A,N,T
"Q" in Chinese is “Ku”, which is also abbreviation of quality.
ANT means solidarity, diligence and strength and has great symbolic.

LOGO highlights :
Innovative, efficient and diligence team spirit.
Meaningful Brand having a strong continuity.
Easy to understand and fit for the crowd chasing new life with young mentality.

In general, company LOGO and company name was used at the same time , appearing in the company's products and external promotional materials , or other references to identify the copyright and  proprietary information .

Having been or being used names, as following

Company Chinese name-----“酷蚁电子(香港)有限公司 “深圳市酷蚁电子有限公司"

Company English name----Shenzhen Qant Electronics Co., Ltd      Qant Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd

Conpany Abbreviation----“Qant Electronics ”  “Qant Technology”